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Busy Bee Education Curriculum Upgrade!

September 2017

We are currently doing a curriculum upgrade for our half day and full day programs to better help develop our students within the 2 - 6 year old age range. We currently have half day programs for and full day programs for students aged 2 - 4 and 4 - 6. Each center has 1 class and each class size is kept around 16 students with 3 teachers. Most of our centers are for students aged 2 - 4 and we are going to be implementing more advanced curriculum for their development in these areas: social and emotional, cognitive, language, and physical. We will also be preparing new materials for our new and existing parents that join our program to help prepare them for what to expect when joining our program. Many parents are new to sending their child to preschool for the first time and there are many things to worry about. We will try and lessen the worry with our parent handbooks and parent seminars. We are very excited for what's to come in the following semester and hope our parents of Busy Bee will also enjoy the updates!


我們正在為我們的半天和全天課程進行課程升級,以更好地幫助我們在2 - 6歲的年齡段範圍內培養學生。目前,我們目前為2至4歲至4至6歲的學生提供半天課程和全日制課程。每個中心均設有1班,每班約16名學生,3名教師。我們大多數的中心都是2至4歲的學生,我們將在這些領域開展更高級的課程開發:社會和情感,認知,語言和身體。我們還將為我們新加入的現有父母準備新材料,加入我們的計劃,以幫助他們準備參加我們的計劃時期待什麼。許多父母是第一次將孩子送到幼兒園,有很多事情要擔心。我們將嘗試通過我們的父母手冊和家長研討會來減輕擔憂。我們非常高興在下一學期要來,希望我們小蜜峰的父母也將享受更新!

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