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What we can learn from the "HAPPIEST" country in the world ... Denmark

Being named the happiest country in the world holds a lot of water, especially in a world that has a lot of negativity, we can learn a lot from this country. Denmark is apparently the 'happiest' country in the world and wouldn't you want to know what makes them so happy? Some of the following pictures may give you a deeper insight as to what their secret sauce is for happiness.


Play based learning is a DEVELOPMENTAL CORNERSTONE in Denmark. This coupled with the attention of parents can be a powerful tool in helping your child develop into a confident and capable individual.


Another very important factor contributing to the 'Happiness' of Denmark is the citizens ability to TRUST EACH OTHER. I strongly believe if we TRUST EACH OTHER, we would definitely have more peace of mind in turn feeling more relaxed and a higher feeling of happiness. Trust is such an important characteristic for all people of all ages and when better to teach it when kids are young.


Here's two books for parents to take a look at if you are interested in diving more into this topic of what the world's 'HAPPIEST' country is about. I must say thank you to, Raul, a friend of mine that posted these pictures on his social media and I felt it would be a great share not only for our parents but to share in general as everyone should be happy.


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