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When you get angry at your child...

When you get angry at your child you may think you are teaching them a lesson, but what do you think is going on in the child's head?

The child is thinking, what did I do wrong again? am I going to get hurt? I don't know what I did, I always mess up, does mommy and or daddy still love me? why am I not good, I don't know how to be good.

This cycle continues and affects the child even more in a negative way. Instead try and use positive re-enforcement without using any negatives but turning the situations into a positive.






Perfection Doesn't exist...

As a parent, if you want your child to be perfect, you are setting them up for failure. Who defines what perfect is or isn't? Perfection doesn't exist, we can only improve and get better at something but to be perfect is the biggest lie you can tell your child. They will keep chasing "perfect" but will eventually understand they will not achieve it because the idea of perfection doesn't exist.


Let's encourage our children to do their best and enjoy doing what they do. Happiness is a form of perfection in our eyes.





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