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Culture Week at Busy Bee !

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Culture Week at Busy Bee Education!

So we are in week 6 of our new school term and it has been such a wonderful start! Last month all students took a trip to the ZOO ZOO ZOO and had a wonderful time learning about animals, looking at animals, and searching for animals! This month we have two events to share and one of them is happening as I type, our Culture Week!

During culture week we learn about all the different cultures in the world including those of our teachers and students. During this week we dress up in traditional culture wear as the picture below shows:

We also encourage our students to dress up in their traditional culture wear or other cultural wear as well. We want to teach the kids that we, as people, are made up of different cultures around the world and this is what makes our world beautiful. The world is how it is today because of all the many different cultures we have in it.

The fun continues and we are preparing for our HALLOWEEN PARTY COMING UP ! WOO WOO!

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